News – “Leslie Jones was not happy with slow fast food order” – “SNL” star Leslie Jones was in no laughing mood when a fast food burger she ordered to her swanky LA hotel was instead devilishly slow — making her wait for over an hour, during Golden Globes weekend.

Spies outside the Sunset Tower Hotel on Friday noticed a delivery guy lackadaisically moseying up to the celebrity hot spot with a bag of grub and large soda from Jack in the Box.

As the guy stopped and stared skyward, Jones suddenly popped her head out of the hotel’s lobby and began berating the fast food footman.

Jones — who also looked to be in her PJs — snatched the sustenance, turned and yelled loudly through the lobby, “Stupid! Stupid!”

Damn sounds like it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not…. anybody can get bad service out here in these fast food streets. We’ve all been there.

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