News – “Quit everything, ‘Chicken nugget taste-tester is now a job you can have” –  The British retailer B&M posted a job application recently to…wait for it…be a “chicken nugget connoisseur.”

Cancel everything and buy a plane ticket for the next flight to Merseyside? I don’t know where that is, but I’m in.

The experience listed on the application is the best part:



I for one will vouch for curly fries over chips until my dying day.

The catch? You’re only paid £25 (or about $34) per month. And it’s in vouchers to spend at B&M stores. But it’s fine. It’ll be fine!

Ehhhhh the headline was a tad misleading but hey man it’s still 34 bucks to eat delicious nuggets, sign me the fuck up. It’s like the one job that I’m overly qualified for and been trained to do my whole life!

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