JGTV: Cooking with @EatTheCityDC – Red Wine Braised Oxtail

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Eat the City DC to bring you more foodporn! Matt and Candace currently reside in D.C. (duh) and love to cook and eat delicious grub; combine that with a camera and you, my friends, get a true work of art.

On this episode they started out the day with the idea to braise some short ribs and went to the grocery store to pick them and all the ingredients up. But then they saw the oxtail and plans changed almost immediately. So we introduce to you, red wine braised oxtail:

Stay tuned for more exclusive mouth watering videos. They are also open to video requests. What delicious grub would you like to see them cook up next?

You can follow Candace and Matt’s delicious journey at @eatthecitydc

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