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News – “Do-gooders issued citations for offering food to homeless” – A dozen do-gooders in California were issued citations — for offering food to homeless people in a public park.

The dozen volunteers cited Sunday were part of a bigger group in El Cajon, protesting a city ban on sharing food in public spaces, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

“If I’m going to be arrested for something, let it be for feeding the homeless,” Matthew Schneck told NBC San Diego. “I’m not going to apologize for doing the right thing.”

Schneck was one of about 50 people who attended Sunday’s event in Wells Park. Everyone — including a 14-year-old boy — handing out food to the needy was handed a misdemeanor citation.

El Cajon City Council members passed the food-sharing ban in October, saying it would help protect people from hepatitis A, which had spread among local vagrants.

Yea that rule sounds like some bullshit, just blocking good people from doing good things. Tsk Tsk!

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