News – “Restaurant Hit with Huge Fine for Serving Food on Dirty Wooden Boards” – “Wooden plates could pose a risk of food poisoning to anyone eating from them.”

Nick Rose

Photo via Flickr user Roderick Eime.

There was a more simple time in history when wooden boards and butcher blocks were only used to cut meat. Then, somewhere along the way, they became the plating of choice at corny steakhouses and churrascarias the world over. Their prevalence grew to be so oppressive, in fact, that a “We Want Plates” movement emerged from the stacks of meat and wood, demanding that food return to being served on ceramic.

Now, the pro-plate movement has been bolstered by a recent decision by a British court to impose a £50,000 fine on a restaurant due to, among other things, food being served on dirty wooden boards, The Mirror reports.

Using Twitter to spread the word, Birmingham City Council singled out Ibrahim’s Grill and Steak House and their use of “wooden plates which were incapable of being cleaned were being used to serve the food.” They even posted pictures of the gnarly-looking cutting boards to social media, in an apparent effort to show just how unsanitary the practice can be.

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