News – “Taco John’s gives back: Nacho sales fill the shelves at food pantry”

beatricedailysun.comFor the past few years, the Beatrice Community Food Pantry’s shelves have stayed stocked, thanks in part to Christmassy nachos.

Taco John’s owners Dave and Sheila Rosno donated a check for $3,095.27 to the Beatrice Community Food Pantry on Monday as something that’s become an annual tradition.

Throughout the holiday season, Taco John’s sells Nachos Navidad, served with multicolored chips, and for each one sold, diners have an opportunity to donate $1 or more that will go directly to the food pantry and the customer gets to write their name on a paper ornament to be hung on the wall of the restaurant.


This is about the seventh year for the Rosno’s donations to the Food Pantry, the funds for which are also raised with a cash box for donations and they also run a fundraiser through the sale of less festive nachos.

“The store itself donates 50 cents for every large super nacho that’s sold throughout the season and 25 cents for every small one,” Dave Rosno said. “That was like 1,400 or 1,500 super nachos that get sold. That’s not just because of this. That’s normal.”

Another dope ass story , salute to you Taco John’s 

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