News – “Drunk woman eats customer’s food at Newberry Rutter’s, cops say” Trisha Rene Lebo, 38, also ate a bag of potato chips and took a bacon cheeseburger, police said.


An intoxicated woman walked into the Rutter’s Farm Store in Newberry Township on Thursday and began eating food that had been made for someone else and tried to steal a bacon cheeseburger, according to charging documents.

As of Tuesday, Trisha Rene Lebo, 38, whose last known address is the first block of Bill Dugan Drive, Newberry Township, remained at York County Prison on $3,500 bail. She faces two counts of DUI, and one count each of retail theft, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, documents state.

About 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, a Newberry Township Police officer stopped at the Rutter’s Farm Store at 1090 Farm Trail Road and saw Lebo arguing with an employee at the made-to-order area.

The officer spoke with another employee, who told him that five minutes before he arrived, Lebo entered the store, walked over to the made-to-order area and began eating food that had been prepared for another customer, documents state.

The employee said when Lebo was confronted, she took a pre-made bacon cheeseburger and stuffed it in her jacket pocket. She then placed the cheeseburger back, but opened a bag of potato chips and began eating them. When store employees asked Lebo if she was going to pay for the items she ate, she insisted she had already done so, documents state.

Damn Trisha and her man must have got into quite the argument! I love that she put the burger back and then promptly started smashing chips instead, she wasn’t going to get denied her drunk  grub.

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