News – “San Francisco Banker From Mexico Launches FoodBytes! For Food/Tech Entrepreneurs, Part I” – Entrepreneur turned Rabobank corporate banker Manuel Gonzalez launched FoodBytes! in 2015. The two-day FoodBytes! events, which have taken place in cities across the U.S. and beyond, target both early-stage startups and corporations.

Gonzalez designed the FoodBytes! format to be as anti-conference as possible. “I didn’t want it to be panel discussions, key-notes,” explains Gonzalez, “people check out.” Despite the requisite name badges hanging around necks that might signify a stogy conference, FoodBytes! is infused with buzzing energy.

Young event producers with headsets run around the venue, while house photographers and videographers capture moments. Entrepreneurs network, as do FoodBytes! attendees, veteran food industry insiders that include CEOs and investors, each paying about $169 a ticket. Crowds mill around the venue tasting startups’ samples, exploring an app or online service, as well as snagging plentiful swag and swapping business contacts.

Yet another event where I’m looking for JG’s invite to no avail

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