News – “Lego Has Disavowed a New Pop-Up Bar Made of Legos” The Legobar, when it was initially teased last week, sounded just fine in theory. The pop-up bar would be bulldozing its way into such major cities as New York and Sydney and London starting in spring of this year. It would be constructed of over 1 million Lego blocks, and it promised to transport you to your childhood on a “nostalgia trip” filled with toy blocks you can build with as local DJs “spin tunes all day.” Ready your Instagram story!

But Lego proper—that is, the Danish toy company—would like you to know that it has nothing at all to do with this pop-up. Nothing at all.

The Legobar was forced to change its name, Eater Montreal reported on Tuesday, by Lego earlier this week. What was once known as Legobar now goes by “thebrickbars.”

Lego stop hating on dope concepts! I would absolutely love to listen to music and have a cocktail or two at a Lego themed spot, ah well. Good adjustment by the owners of simply changing the name .

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