News – “Arby’s Is Now Selling Oreo Donut Holes” – So much for trying to cut back on sugar this year: Arby’s just added Oreo donut holes to its menu and we’re currently trying to find a way to get our hands on these ASAP.

Of course, if you’re hoping to finally say goodbye to your diet and indulge in something sugary, these Oreo bites won’t be coming to you in the form of an actual cookie. As Arby’s website describes the new dessert bites, they’re chocolate donut holes baked with Oreo wafer pieces, filled with Oreo creme, and dusted with sugar. The site also adds that Oreo bites are usually served warm, as if there wasn’t already enough incentive for you to run, not walk, to your nearest Arby’s and grab yourself some.


According to Brand Eating, that snack comes in servings of six, and they should cost around $2.59 an order, though that may vary depending on the area. But, just like the brand’s mint chocolate milkshake that was also added to the menu recently, the Oreo bites are only available for a limited time. So, uh, act fast.

Arby’s definitely catches a lot of heat and slander from us on here and on the podcast but I’ll be damned if these don’t look absolutely delightful…Okay Mr. Arby I see you trying to step your shit up!

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