News – “Guy Orders This From Domino’s For 10 Years Until Employees Realize Something Is Very Wrong”

rumordaily.comPizza is a popular food for a reason. It’s easy to make, cheap, and most of all – it’s comforting. It’s one of those things you eat when you’re home with a cold or just want to have a lazy weekend. But who knew eating pizza almost every day could actually save your life?

Pizza Lover

Kirk Alexander is a 48-year-old man who lives alone in his house in Salem, Oregon. His favorite food is pizza. For the better part of a decade, Alexander has been ordering from the same Domino’s Pizza shop almost every day. But one day, he suddenly stopped. And the Domino’s employees were shocked when they found out why.

Another dope ass story, ok 2018 is really starting off on the right foot with the news and headlines but like I said before….i fully expect that to change …because well..people are terrible lol

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