News – “We Spoke to the Guys Making ‘Gay Taco Bell’ and ‘Drive-Thru Olive Garden’ Commercials” –  These four dudes have made such convincing ads for chain restaurants that even the restaurants themselves weren’t sure if they were real.

What a time to be alive—or at least, alive and living near an Olive Garden. When your parents’ favorite carpeted Italian chain restaurant launched its Unlimited Pasta Passes in 2014, it sold 2,000 of the little buggers faster than you could say “Don’t forget the Mylanta.” This year, the chain sold 22,000 passes in less than one second. The OG also expanded its menu to (temporarily) include spaghetti pieand to launch a line of breadstick sandwiches, which, sadly, are not made of breadsticks stacked between two pieces of bread. (So meta.)

So what’s next for Olive Garden? Breadsticks to-go? A lasagna burger? Those are both possibilities, at least in the minds of the Merkin Bros. The Los Angeles-based collective has been responsible for subtle parodies of Dell, Abercrombie, and Taco Bell, and some of their faux commercials have been so realistic that even the companies themselves weren’t sure whether their own ad agencies were responsible. (More on that in a sec).

In their most recent piece, the Bros have taken on Olive Garden, proposing a drive-thru version for when you’re jonesing for those breadsticks, but just don’t have the time to sit at an actual table. They also understand that America’s relationship with Olive Garden is such that people either sincerely love these concepts or pat their own backs for appreciating them ironically. “I’m from Wyoming and I grew up loving Olive Garden,” Merkin Bro Christian Heuer told MUNCHIES. “This is no joke, we would drive from Salt Lake City to go to it and, to me, it was an amazing restaurant. It wasn’t until I went to college when someone was like ‘Olive Garden? That’s gross’ and I thought, wait, you don’t love Olive Garden too?”

Haha this is a dope read, we need to try and get these guys on the Podcast sometime for a interview…..also I would fuck up a drive thru lasagna burger bruh

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