News – “Adam Richman Throws Shade At New Man v. Food Host”

foodbeast.comThis morning, former Man v. Food host Adam Richman posted an Instagram photo of the “most expensive” burger in the world. The $295 Japanese Wagyu burger looked delicious and decadent, and Richman’s description of it only made our mouths water even more.


However, it was what Richman said in the post’s comment section that really surprised fans, as he threw some playful shade at the new host of the show he made so famous.


Within the post, a fan commented, “I turned on MvF yesterday and was disappointed by the choice of your replacement. That guy has nothing on you!”

Big Al touched on the topic of the new Man V Food host and the OG Adam Richman on episode 8 of the Just Grubbin podcast but kudos to Adam for the fire response.

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