News – “First Look Inside Amazon’s Cashier-less Grocery Store [WATCH]”


Amazon just unveiled its first look at the future of grocery stores, and the experience is a lot less human.

 Perhaps one of the most annoying first-world problems, is standing in line to check out at a grocery store, and with the launch of the Amazon Go store in Seattle, that problem has now been solved.
 The store’s concept is simple, you grab whatever you need, and just walk out the sliding double doors.
 The Amazon Go app handles everything else.
 Before you enter, you scan the Amazon app, syncing it to the store, and literally detecting the items you grab from the shelf, or put back. That means, that every item in your grocery bag is accounted for, and when you walk out, is automatically charged to your Amazon account.
 No cashiers, no lines, not even any self-checkouts. You just walk out with confidence, like an experienced shoplifter would.

This concept is phenomenal…there’s no denying that but there’s still a little part of me that’s still on the whole we’re working closer and closer to this whole technology bringing down society thing.


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