Bo Ne- Woodbury, NJ

Bo Ne is a Vietnamese restaurant located on Broad St. in Woodbury, NJ. I came across their yelp while I was fiening for some Pho and immediately saw their spectacular reviews. People said everything from “Addicting” to one person saying they go multiple times a day…. sold. So I did my usual process when I go somewhere new aka look at the photos and the comments to see what everyone is clamoring about and also to find out what their specialty dish is. In Bo Ne’s case everyone was going crazy about the Pho obviously but also the grilled pork chop and wings.

Photo of Bo Ne Restaurant - Woodbury, NJ, United States. Pork with rice
the grilled pork chop
Photo of Bo Ne Restaurant - Woodbury, NJ, United States. Chicken wings
Wings with sweet chili sauce

Since that faithful day discovering this seemingly inconspicuous hole in the wall (the best spots to grab grub) I go at least once a week… some weeks multiple times if my bank account wasn’t ransacked by bills but that’s neither here or there. So I’ve tried the Pho Chin, Shrimp Spring rolls, the chicken wings (rave reviews), the grilled pork chop and grilled chicken, the grilled pork hoagie, vermicelli with chicken, and the shrimp fried rice.

Photo of Bo Ne Restaurant - Woodbury, NJ, United States. Pho Chin
Pho chin (beef Noodle Soup with Well Done Brisket )

Okay everything is really fucking good, excuse my French but it’s the only way to describe it. They make everything with fresh, quality ingredients and use their own custom twist on almost all the menu items. You can read all this on their yelp though, where they basically have the rare 5 star rating (currently their sitting at 4 1/2). The main reason I wanted to write this review was to bring awareness to the most common/low key item on the menu…. that shrimp fried rice.

Photo of Bo Ne Restaurant - Woodbury, NJ, United States. Shrimp fried rice that my kids love.
Bo Ne shrimp fried rice

No lie the first time I got a mouthful of this beautiful dish I got a tad emotional, just simply overwhelmed with flavor. Me and @bigalbsure pride ourselves on knowing our fried rice, we literally bond over our love for it and I have never had it done like this before. The first thing you’ll notice visually is that they split their shrimp in half and you would think that would be to skimp and to short the customer…WRONG…there was more shrimp in this box then any Chinese food spot I’ve visited. The second thing you’ll notice is that kick you get after the first bite. These beautiful bastards do some sort of peppery witchcraft that takes it to the next level, and don’t worry if your not a fan of spice… 1) grow up 2) it’s not like that… its just flat out enjoyable, elegant, flavor that will absolutely haunt your dreams. I eat the whole large helping in one sitting every single time, even when I try to ration it out smh.

Photo of Bo Ne Restaurant - Woodbury, NJ, United States. Hubby's fried rice. He had already eaten some before I remembered to take pics lol

I crave their fried rice so much that on Saturday’s i’ll straight up place my order before their even open… DO… NOT… JUDGE… ME. If a report came out that they were putting some sort of addicting crack like salt on the rice to make it that addicting it wouldn’t surprise me one bit… and then I would immediately call in my order demanding that they give me extra “Yes you heard that right, yes I saw the report…just a couple extra pinches please and thank you”. If you’re in the Woodbury area I would absolutely give this place a shot, all jokes aside the owners are awesome people. Their extremely friendly folks and your food is always ready when they say it will be.

** Pro tip: Get the grilled pork chop and cut that bad boy up and add it to your rice… this is how you hop directly on the highway to Flavorville**

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