News – “Hundreds of Food Combinations That Could Potentially Kill You, According to This Chart”

munchies.vice.comIn Myanmar, a common poster details a million ways to die (or hate life). An ice cream + cucumber = chest congestion. Pumpkin + prawns = dysentery. Rabbit meat + mushrooms = death.

Nick Baker

The Food That Shouldn’t Eat Together poster is a familiar sight around Myanmar. These mass-produced prints detail the supposed effects of combining different foods–with consequences ranging from the inconvenient to the deadly. A variety of meats, fruits, sweets, and drinks are covered, from the hard to procure (the apparently-deadly meal of rhinoceros and fish) to more common provisions (like milk and “sour food,” which will also allegedly kill you).


The poster is based far more on superstition than science, but that doesn’t seem to affect its popularity, especially in rural areas of the country. “Many homes have it hanging in the kitchen. They believe it out of fear without [any] proof,” said skeptical Myanmar author Ma Thanegi, who has written several books about local cuisine.

And, it turns out, the poster is just the tip of the food superstition iceberg in Myanmar. There’s a raft of beliefs which govern what should and shouldn’t be eaten at certain times in one’s life. Expectant mothers are advised against eating bananas or chiles—the former supposedly causing fat babies, and the latter resulting in bald ones. Bamboo shoots can lead to postnatal health problems. Spicy foods are seen to exacerbate wounds and other injuries. Oranges are bad for coughs. The list goes on.

I need to see Myanmar for myself, shit like this would have my interest so piqued that I would be reading that menu for like 8 hours.

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