News – “Social Justice Warriors Haven’t Taken Down Hooters Yet, And I Don’t Know Why”“All right, let’s go see some titties.”

 That was, word for word, what one of my buddies said as I picked him up to grab dinner at our local Hooters in West Covina, California. It immediately reminded me what the main attraction has been for the restaurant, since, well, forever.
 I hadn’t been to Hooters since 2007 when my friend held a birthday party there. I was a 18, full of teenage hormones, and my immature mind was not properly equipped to process the amount of chest and booty cleavage around me. Thankfully, I was able to control the eggplant emoji in my pants, and didn’t have to suffer through an embarrassing adolescent moment.

However, the world has changed A LOT since 2007, so I was curious if Hooters had changed at all, or if it’s still the stereotypical boob joke that Adam Sandler loved wielding in his ’90s movies.

 It’s 2018, and women are rightfully wielding their voices against sexual misconduct and harassment, especially in the restaurant industry. With famous names like Mario Batali, John Besh, and Ken Friedman linked to such behavior, the food world has been shaken up, opening up conversations about sexual harassment that were apparently swept under the rug for a long time.

Soon my friend…soon…

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