News – “The Shrimp Industry’s Awful Issue of Slave Labor Continues To Plague It Today”

foodbeast.comA few years ago, bombshell investigations from the Associated Press and the Guardianuncovered a severe problem with our shrimp industry: slavery. While it seemed like corrective actions were being taken as a result, some recent follow-ups suggest that forced, unpaid labor is still being utilized to catch and process hordes of shrimp.


According to Dominique Barnes, CEO of plant-based seafood company New Wave Foods, the problem particularly persists in areas of Southeast Asia. “[The region has] these big companies raising shrimp, and this volume is so high, they need people to process it quickly. And so they’ll entice people saying ‘Hey, we have jobs for you, come down to our farm, we’ll pay you, you’ll be able to eat,’” she told Foodbeast. “And so people put in all of their resources to get to this farm and then when they get there, they don’t get paid and become slaves to the industry.”


Once there, reports of confinement, a lack of pay, and even torture of the boat’s “employees” was widely found in the original reports. The allegations were so severe that Thailand, the focus of the articles, publicly committed to help free those in slave labor and initiated a series of reforms to prevent it from happening again. Former President Barack Obama even enforced a policy then banning the import of goods produced by slave labor after the AP series was published.

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