News – “Cafe Owner Charges Blogger $5 Million For Publicity Gained In #Bloggergate Scandal”

foodbeast.comA hotel and cafe in Dublin, Ireland, is demanding money from a blogger they cyberbullied on social media as part of a recent scandal known as #Bloggergate.


The blogger, Elle Darby, had reached out to the White Moose Cafe in hopes of a potential partnership. She wrote in a message that in exchange for a free room, she would publicize the White Moose on her social media feeds and in video uploads.

Instead, White Moose owner Paul Stenson posted the letter on Facebook and scorned Darby. Her name wasn’t given at first, but after seeing how the hotel owner dragged her through the mud online without any notification, Darby later came forward in a YouTube video. Since then, social media has exploded over the entire drama, with most siding with Darby.

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