News – “5 Fast Food Picks That Pack an Entire Day’s Worth Of Sugar”

menshealth.comIt’s no secret by now that sugar likes to sneak into foods you wouldn’t really expect. Everything from sandwich bread to protein bars to salad dressing is hiding some of the sweet stuff.

This isn’t to say sugar is somehow highly toxic. However, research does show that downing way too much of it can up your risk for health problems like weight gain and heart disease.“The more pressing problem I see is how often people choose foods that are high in calories as a result of too much added sugar,” says Regan Miller-Jones, R.D., co-founder of Healthy Aperture. “It’s important to watch for added sugars, which could tip the scales in the favor of excess calories and subsequent weight gain.”

Men should have no more than 36 grams (g) of added sugar per day, according to the American Heart Association. That’s the equivalent of 9 teaspoons and 150 calories.

So we scanned the menus of various chain restaurants to see if we could find any major sugar bombs — excluding things like ice cream and soda from the search. It’s tricky, because most food joints don’t hand out ingredients lists, making it difficult to draw the line between added sugar (the processed kind) and natural sugar (the kind you find in fruit and milk).

That’s why we also looked at each item’s entire nutritional profile to see if they pack enough filling protein and fiber as well. Here are the sugar-loaded picks you should skip, and the better-for-you alternatives to reach for instead.

Buffalo Wild Wings



No one goes to the bar to smash a plate of wings because they’re so amazingly healthy. If you’re going to order them, you’re probably going to down excess calories (since they’re usually paired with beer and fries).

But you can try to make a “better bad choice.” For instance, an order of large boneless wings smothered in Asian Zing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings will serve you 67 g of sugar.

Simply swapping Asian Zing for medium, mild, or hot sauce slashes your sugar intake to just 2 g. Bonus: You’ll eat fewer calories, too.

Kung Pao Chicken Wings:

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