News – “25 Restaurants That Are Actually Worth Waiting in Line For” – In today’s day and age, if you want to have a meal at a particularly popular restaurant, the odds of you being forced to physically stand in line to wait for a table are pretty slim. Most in-demand restaurants take reservations nowadays, and even the ones that don’t will let you check in and then notify you with a text or via a buzzer when your table is ready. But at some restaurants, you wait in line. And when a restaurant is popular enough, people have no trouble waiting for hours for a table. Sure, some of these restaurants are tourist traps or selling the latest Instagram fad, but some restaurants are actually worth waiting in line for. The following 25 restaurants are worth it.

If you have been to any of these, let us know what you think!! I have been to 3 of the 25 and I can agree with the author of this content by saying Primanti brothers, white house subs, café du monde, are all worth the wait.

Growing up 40 minutes from Atlantic City White House Subs, after a night of degeneracy at the casinos, it was a no brainer to stop at White House to get a Cheesesteak and Italian Hoagie.

Pittsburgh’s landmark sandwich place “Primanti Brothers” is so good they began franchising out to other cities and states. But theres nothing better than being in the Burgh and experiencing the original sights and sounds of the deli.

As for café de mode, if you find yourself in NOLA make sure to stop by and get your self a couple beignets. FUNNEL CAKE ON STEROIDS! And as ive said in previous posts, steroids are fucking great, and any food that can be compared to something on steroids is GREAT. again if you find your self at these spots let us know if its worth it!!!

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