News – “Some Questions for the Delivery Man Caught Eating Toppings Off a Customer’s Pizza” – A Domino’s delivery guy in Surrey, British Columbia, was caught on video devouring toppings off a pizza in an elevator on the way to drop it off to a customer.

In a phone interview with CTV News, Domino’s Pizza expressed embarrassment and apologized to its customers. Domino’s vice president of marketing, Jeff Kacmarek, said in the interview, “Obviously we don’t condone this behavior… We have thousands of hard-working, good drivers, working for us every day and providing great service to our customers. It’s just unfortunate that this particular incident hurts them.”

Be that as it may, we have some questions for this hungry rogue delivery person.

What stage is this in the Domino’s Tracker?

Can someone please tell us if this guy is including this in the “Quality Check” stage or the “Out for Delivery” stage?

What is his opinion on Hawaiian pizza?

Could this delivery man actually be a hero saving his customer from the scourge that is pineapple on pizza?

So I think, for starters, this happens way more than just this incident. Unfortunately this time the guy gets caught. Shit, I’m not even mad at my man for peeling off a couple of pieces of pepperoni, maybe. I have a little more ethical beliefs than home boy here, and no matter how hungry I was I would have waited to get back to HQ and make my own za, but to each their own. The article written by VICE is hilarious because it asks all the questions we would ask upon receiving information of stolen pizza toppings. 
PS: This is exactly why I don’t mind in restaurant pick up.

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