News – “UPDATE: Krispy Kreme’s New Flavor Has Been Revealed” – After a week of voting, fans have decided on the next Krispy Kreme flavor. The donut chain announced yesterday that for one week this spring, lemon glazed donuts will be on sale at all Krispy Kreme locations. Nearly two million votes were cast, according to Brand Eating, with lemon beating out caramel, blueberry, and maple, in that order.

The contest was announced earlier this month, and marks the fourth time Krispy Kreme has offered its classic glazed donut in a new flavor. Original glazed donuts got their first makeover in August, when a chocolate flavor was sold in honor of the solar eclipse. Pumpkinand gingerbread flavors were sold in extremely limited qualities at the end of 2017, too.


Krispy Kreme hasn’t yet announced the exact dates the donuts will be available, but it will be sometime this spring.

ORIGINAL POST: January 16, 2018 at 1:48 p.m.

Last year Krispy Kreme dyed their original glazed donuts green for St. Patrick’s Day, smothered them in chocolate for the solar eclipse in August and released a special gingerbread glazed donut for Christmas. But now that it’s 2018, Krispy Kreme is letting their fans pick the next limited-edition glazed donut flavor.

I go crazy for the seemingly crack glazed donut that is Krispy Kreme like most people and definitely look forward to trying this but not going to lie…doesn’t really get me excited…. just a more of a shoulder shrug.

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