JG Quick Review: Grilled Cheese Burger from The Milk House

Milk House’s Suburban Station location

I was strolling past The Milk House‘s Suburban Station location one day during work when their blackboard special (each location has their own special they come up with) for the month stopped me cold in my tracks. They were promoting a “Grilled Cheese Burger and fries” and the picture made this already delicious sounding sandwich look better than Rihanna laying pool side in Vegas. I went back the next day and ordered the burger minus the fries (gotta fake get right for the summer feel me). It came to around 6 bucks if I remember correctly and it was a decent burger, not anything that’s going to have me running the streets screaming the good word but not horrible.

They flipped the burger bun upside down and grilled that, look closely at the photos and you’ll notice the concept. If I had to compare it to anything I would say a whopper minus all the toppings. It wasn’t bad but it just lacked something, if I got it again I would prob add something to it, maybe go extra cheese. For 6 bucks (might have been less) though it got the job done.

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