News – “Ranking All of the Food and Drink Super Bowl Ads That Are Already Out” – The Super Bowl takes place this coming weekend, but many of the ads from the game are already out. Major brands like Coke and Budweiser released spots days ago, and, well, some are better than others. Here, now, is the first definitive list — ranked from worst to best — of all of the food and drink ads that are scheduled to air on Sunday, but are available to watch right now.

11. Tie: Budweiser and Stella Artois
Both brands are owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, and both are effectively running the same campaign: humble-bragging about the great aid work they do, which, by some twist of fate, involves clean water. (Guys: It’s not altruism if you use it as a marketing tactic to sell bad beer.)

9. Tie: Coca-Cola and Pepsi
How do you convince people that flavored corn-syrup water is actually somehow great? That’s the conundrum faced by these two soda behemoths. Coke attempts a “diversity” play, while Pepsi wants America’s youth, who are decidedly not drinking its products, to remember that it makes soda for “every generation.” Neither makes us thirsty.

8. Bud Light
Will this ad be the final gasp for the once-admittedly-enjoyable “Dilly Dilly” campaign? One can hope!

I have to disagree with these rankings only because Danny Devito’s existence since joining Always Sunny has essentially been my life goals…so that M&M would be number 1 for me

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