News – “The 3 Food Trends Gordon Ramsay Hates With A Passion”

foodbeast.comGordon Ramsay is a living legend who has yelled his way into our hearts for years. While most of the time his complaints are extremely comical, sometimes he does just sound like the old man who wants you to get off his lawn.

 This is one of those times, as he revealed to Pop Sugar that there are three food trends he wants to die, get buried, and never dug up again.
 The three trends, which you may or may not be familiar with, are Wagyu beeftruffle oil, and foam.

The reason he hates the Wagyu beef trend, is because Wagyu is meant to be a special cut that should be “treated with a little bit of respect.” That’s not exactly how it’s going in the U.S., as lots of restaurants serve the beef, and it’s not always the most palatable sounding experience. Just FYI, he has Wagyu meatballs at his new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas.


Back in 2016, Ramsay did a Reddit iAMA where he revealed his distaste for foam on savory dishes. At the time, Ramsay said that “…foam should be used for shaving, not go on top of food.” He said the trend started in the 90s, and he’s still surprised that people make dishes with it.


Pop Sugar’s Erin Collum was quick to point out that Ramsay had a foam dish on his menu, to which he explained that it’s perfectly fine on dessert dishes.

I agree with you Gordon, but only because my basic ass has no real experience with what the hell he’s talking about

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