News – “Fast Food Restaurants Are Dropping These Items From Their Menus — Even Though People Love Them” – Spoiler alert: The next time you go to your favorite fast food place and order your prized item, you might be told it has been discontinued. Fast food chains are cutting down on how many items they’re selling — for a number of reasons. Keep reading to find out which fast food chains are slashing what from their menus — and why.


1. Dunkin’ Donuts

In January 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts began the arduous process of cutting 10% of its menu items — from sandwiches to muffins to bagels to smoothies — reported Business Insider. This came on the heels of a decision the company made in August 2017 to drop items from menus at 1,000 Massachusetts and Rhode Island locations.

To improve its customers’ experience — and its menu — Dunkin’ Donuts has decided to keep only its signature food and beverages. It also seeks to reduce line production time by cutting items.

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2. Chili’s

Chili’s cut 40% of its menu — a total of 50 items — in September 2017, according to Business Insider. The new menu features classics, such as fajitas, burgers, and ribs. It doesn’t, however, list other old faves, such as fried cauliflower and mango tilapia, which Chili’s considers trendy.

Steve Provost, Chili’s chief marketing officer, told Business Insider that, “Every dish that’s taken off has somebody who likes it out there. But we think we’re at a moment with this category, with the tremendous headwinds it’s facing, where less is truly more.”

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Some of these changes are musts but I’ll never forgive Wendy for leaving a spicy chicken nugget sized hole in my heart.

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