News – “The Prices of Food and Beer at The Super Bowl Might Make You Faint”


We’ve all been to stadiums or arenas and coughed up $6 for a hot dog, and while it’s painful to hand over your credit card at that regular season game, the concession prices for the Super Bowl were twice as cringeworthy.


We’ll start off with the big one, pointed out by Will Brinson of CBS Sports. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota was selling “House Divided Cocktails,” a green one in honor for the Eagles, and a red one for the Patriots.


One of those drink-filled plastic jars cost loyal fans a cool $35.


The insanity didn’t stop there, as bottled waters went for $6, and chicken sandwiches were priced at $13. If you wanted to dig into a whole chicken, which is usually eight pieces, you’d have to drop $23.

I almost fainted when I saw that $35 price tag for a damn drink…NOPE

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