Broken Goblet Brewery plans to release a ‘NO ONE LIKES US, WE DON’T CARE’ beer!

As I’m sure you are aware, from the overflowing social media posts, the Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl LII Parade and Award Ceremony was held at the Philadelphia Art Museum last Thursday. The Philadelphia Eagles Center, Jason Kelce came out in true Philadelphia fashion, dressed as a mummer, and gave an incredible speech that unless you watched on YouTube, you missed more than half of it because of the sensoring done by NBC.


If you didn’t yet hear uncensored verson of Kelce’s inspiring speech for yourself, listen here:

After hearing Kelce’s speech, Broken Goblet Brewery in Bristol, PA shared the below post on their Facebook:

They followed through with their promise on Friday with the following post:

Well done Broken Goblet Brewery! I know this is a beer that I look forward to getting my hands on, as well as every Eagles fan I know!!

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