News – “The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Is The Newest, Dumbest Way People Are Scarring Themselves For Life” – People on the internet will do anything to get attention. Remember when teenagers were seeing if they could eat an entire tablespoon of cinnamon without choking on it?

Well, these so-called internet challenges aren’t getting any milder as the years go by. In fact, the latest one may be the most dangerous to date.

Not so long ago, teenagers had to be told to stop trying to eat Tide Pods, now there’s another internet “challenge” and it’s even more dangerous. It’s called the hot coil challenge and it’s absolutely insane. Check it out below. 

Why on Earth would anyone do something so dangerous and so painful? Count us out.

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….WHY?! I don’t fucking get it…

Image result for why gif


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