Leers Random Weekend Adventures: Mac Mart, Wrap Shack & Keg and kitchen (2/9-2/11)

Oh.. well hello there. It’s been awhile but I’m back and if you listen to the podcast you know my aka is “The most random man in South Jersey”. So I decided to bring everyone on one of my random ass food stop adventures from this past weekend to give the listeners and readers an idea of how I earned that nickname, lets begin:

Mac Mart 

(Philadelphia, PA)

The In the Buff (buffalo mac and cheese)

This is going to be short, simple and to the point. Mac Mart is simply delicious. It’s great. Honestly if you live in Philly area and haven’t been here yet you’re doing yourself a disservice (unless you don’t like mac and cheese at all, and if that’s the case then this isn’t directed towards you obviously). Honestly though, no matter what you order from Mac Mart’s menu it’s going to be fucking fantastic. I️ didn’t even mean to go there this past Saturday, I️ was actually on my way to Wrap Shack but I passed it and said, well shit, I️ HAVE to stop in. I procured myself a “In the Buff“.. their version of buffalo chicken mac and cheese. The ingredients consisted of their classic mac, topped with buffalo chicken chunks, potato chip panko crumbs, and buttermilk ranch. Aka a fucking delicious  symphony of cheesy goodness. Mac Mart gets the appropriate rating of BIG DICK NICK, because they are located in Philly and the best…. just like meat stick Foles.


As I said, this was just a pit stop onto the next place…

Wrap Shack  (Philadelphia, PA)

Buffalo chicken wrap was elite

I heard about this place from one of those stupid Facebook post saying “best of blah blah blah”, so I figured why not check it out. Now In hindsight, those post aren’t stupid I suppose, because they do actually give me a lot of pretty good random food stops. I️ decided to obviously get the BUFFFF A LOWWW chicken wrap (anyone that knows me knows that my lifes pursuit is to find the perfect buffalo chicken wrap), and boy am I️ ecstatic that I read that stupid post and actually gave it a try. It has all the normal ingredients to a buffalo chicken wrap but it’s actually really really spectacular. I’ve searched far and wide for a decent buffalo chicken wrap only to come up short but I’ve finally FINALLY found one in Philly that is LEGITTTT. No ingredients fell out of it, and the wrap as a whole didn’t start to crumble and fall apart. Biting into this wrap had me looking like T.O. in his Tony Romo press conference… just over come with emotion from the flavor and eliteness.

Enough of my buffalo wrap rant. Wrap Shack has a very extensive menu that I have to go back and try, also… I mean.. it’s a bar so I can go and get punished and divulge in some banging wraps. Wrap Shack earns the rating of Russell Wilson. A place you take a chance on but the results end up being fantastic.

Keg and Kitchen (Westmont, NJ)

Breakfast chimichanga

After going to Pure Barre in Haddonfield (Sidenote: that shit is really hard, I️ made fun of our lovely ladies for going but yeah, it was actually difficult) we went to get some brunch. I’ve never been to Keg and Kitchen, but I was told to try it out and I’m happy I️ was pointed in their direction. It’s a very nice establishment with an outdoor patio area, that I️ definitely have to come back and drink at one day in the spring to really get a good look at it. Anyway I came in and took a look at the menu and immediately saw the breakfast chimichanga. It had pork in it so OBVVIOOUSSSLLYY being a leading #PSB board member, you already know I️ had to get that. The wrap was made up of scrambled eggs, chorizo, pepper jack cheese, avocado, and hand cut cheese fries on the side… didn’t expect the cheese Fries, but definitely a great addition to a good wrap. All and all the wrap was pretty good, definitely had good flavor, the eggs were fluffy as hell, and the cheese fries were pretty damn good too. I️ have to give this wraps rating the good ol Brad Johnson. Good enough for the win in a pinch, but not honestly it didn’t have enough meat to ever have me order it again.

Image result for brad johnson super bowl
You guys knew all the plays Brad relax

(Clearly the theme for my ratings system for this post for those of you that haven’t caught on yet is all Superbowl winning quarterbacks)

Well that’s it for this weeks installment of Leer’s Random Weekend Adventures. I hope you enjoyed it, and just a word of advice… if you hear snatchies while enjoying something delicious you better hold on to your shit, or you might get got. Until next time folks.

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