News – “Top Valentine’s Candy by State & Nationwide [Interactive Map]”

candystore.comIt’s no secret people spend big on Valentine’s Day. Flowers, jewelry, romantic weekends away. Candy is no exception, as it’s expected that $1.7 Billion will be spent on candy for the sweetest holiday. Here are the top Valentine’s Day candies by state. Also, there’s a new king in town, and it doesn’t come in a heart-shaped box.


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Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy by State

Every year the National Retail Federation estimates spending for holidays like Valentine’s Day. They divide it up into categories like jewelry, clothing, gift certificates, you name it. This year for Valentine’s Day they are estimating a slight drop off in spending in all categories. Except one: Candy.

It’s too popular on Valentine’s Day to ignore.

That got us thinking. What’s the most popular Valentine’s Day candy? We thought it might be obvious, but we went ahead with some research anyway. We’re glad we did.

It took some digging through sales data. We went through over 10 years of it. is a leading online bulk candy store, so we have access to a lot of it. Looking at January 1st through February 14th sales data from our records and industry partners, we found out a few interesting things.

First, we looked at the top Valentine’s candy overall. An interesting trend revealed itself in the numbers. Those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that have reigned supreme in our minds as the quintessential Valentine’s Day candy? They aren’t number one anymore. They’re been usurped.

Valentine's Day Candy Data Embed this imageAs you can see from the infographic, conversation hearts have been gaining ground on the heart-shaped boxes and finally overtook them last year. It’s the same trend we observed over the full ten years. Conversation hearts just keep getting more popular. Though we won’t have all the figures in until after February 14th, 2018 is expected to be the same with conversation hearts increasing their lead slightly.

Of course New Jersey would be nasty ass candy hearts smh, Reese’s hearts should be first in every state!

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