News – “Valentine’s special at one Charlotte restaurant is a $500 pizza with gold topping” – Charlotte’s Firenza Pizza has a motto of serving “Pizza Like Never Before,” and it is proving the point by serving a $500 pizza in honor of Valentine’s Day.

That’s $500 for one 10-inch pizza, called the Golden Surf and Turf.

It’s sprinkled with gold… along with a lot of other toppings you probably wouldn’t consider ordering from Domino’s or Papa John’s. And yes, you can get it to go.

Firenza says you don’t eat pizza like this — you “indulge” in it.

“This unique signature pie includes lobster bisque, lobster, filet medallions, caviar and is dusted with edible gold leaf,” according to a statement from Firenza.

Firenza asks that people who intend to order the pizza call the restaurant and RSVP 48 hours in advance.

If the Golden Surf and Turf sounds a little too indulgent, Firenza is offering a cheaper special: Two, 10-inch heart shaped pizzas for $14 which includes just one topping.

You can get the $500 pizza starting now through Feb. 18. Firenza Pizza, at 9821 Northlake Centre Parkway, specializes in stone hearth-baked pizzas. Details:

For the record, a $500 pizza is not the most expensive pie in the world. That title goes to the $2,000 pizza sold at the southern tip of Manhattan by Industry Kitchen.

I may be a cheap ass motherfucker but nah man this is just so unnecessary and it doesn’t even look that good BUT…what a fucking FLEX..just imagine it….taking a respectable young lady out for a date and you just turn to your waiter and immediately respond  “Yup you know why we’re here… we’ll have the 500 dollar pizza” and just turn to your date like …

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