News – “CRUNCH! Texas Women Protest ‘Lady Friendly’ Doritos Chip”

patch.comCorporate patriarchy seems to think women need a more dainty snack to allow for modesty, but these ladies begged to differ in protest.

CRUNCH! Texas Women Protest 'Lady Friendly' Doritos Chip

AUSTIN, TX — It was the crunch heard ’round the world. Or at least in the Texas capital, where dozens of women gathered to crunch their Doritos loudly in rebuke to the chips maker’s suggestion of creating a “lady friendly” version of the snack.

Ladies throughout Texas — and elsewhere in the country for that matter — took umbrage at the suggestion they, like men, shouldn’t chomp on their Doritos with equal gusto and exuberance. High-decibel crunch be damned, protesting women said en masse. Comments in an interview by Indra Noovi, the CEO of Dorito’s maker PepsiCo — inferring the need for a muted crunch factor allowing for the tactics of feminine modesty — sparked the outrage.

So in spite of cold, wet and drizzly weather in Austin Sunday afternoon with temperatures in the 40s, chips-loving ladies took to the state Capitol in protest. The feminist group Austin NOW organized the demonstration to counter the crunch crisis, inviting participants to bring along their own crunchy chip if Doritos wasn’t their favorite.

GOOD! I didn’t understand why they thought that would be a good idea when I first heard this and honestly I was confused by it. Every women in my life basically loves Doritos and I love fucking those Doritos up with them, half the beauty of biting into that cheesy goodness is that initial crunch. Also what a dumbass thing to try to get going in 2018…

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