News – “Comedy Central’s ‘Corporate’ Lures Followers With Free Pizza” – Because nothing brings out the primordial instinct in grown adults quite like free food—especially if it’s served under the tantalizing glaze of neon lights in a communal office kitchen—Comedy Central offered Twitter users the chance to swap out their sad desk salads with free pizza to promote the series premiere of Corporate. The activation was created in partnership with Fooji.

Fans who tweeted #CorporateLunch + the pizza emoji were directed to a microsite where they could order a pizza to be delivered to their door. Each delivery came with a printed memo from Hampton DeVille, the series’ fictional mega-company. The memo urged the recipient to reflect on the fact that they are “a profit-maximizing meat sack” and there will be no further thanks or acknowledgment of their work “until the next government-mandated public holiday.”

The activation sold out, with 1,500 fans receiving pizzas. It netted 7.4 million impressions and #CorporateLunch was among the top 30 trending hashtags in 16 U.S. cities.  “The show content made it possible to market the show in a really organic way,” says Jaime DellaPelle, social media strategist for Comedy Central. Tweeting from Comedy Central’s account and referring to the show’s @Corporate account as a character “allowed us to be really creative…and call on the relatable aspect of the show’s setting in corporate purgatory.”

This is just called brilliant marketing folks, a lot of these big names can take a few notes here.

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