News – “Remember Slice soft drink? It’s coming back in 2018: report” – Mark Thomann, “a Chicago entrepreneur with a knack for reclaiming old brands,” plans to bring back the 1990s soft drink Slice, with a few modifications, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Dormitus Brands and Spiral Sun Ventures, two businesses owned by Thomann, plan to put the soft drink on grocery shelves in late 2018.

The drink had been owned by PepsiCo.

Low-crunch, less messy chips. Is this a solution in search of a problem?

“The new Slice will be a lower-sugar, lower-calorie beverage sweetened only with real — possibly organic — fruit juice,” the Tribune reported. “The product’s still being developed, but the plan is to distribute it nationally through regional retailers in six months or so.”

Thomann told the Tribune that Slice should appeal to millennials seeking a healthier soft drink as well as be “pleasantly familiar to people of a certain age.”

I used to FUCK cans of Orange Slice up in my youth and I’m happy I can continue this tradition as a adult….keep the nostalgia items coming

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