News – “FIST FOOD: McDonald’s worker HEADBUTTS customer after row over NUGGETS”’s employee headbutts customer over NUGGETS


Footage shows the Maccies worker blowing his top and attacking the customer, who was upset he couldn’t order nuggets.The video was captured at around 4.50am today as the regular menu turned to breakfast at the Liverpool One outlet.

The employee at the centre of the footage has now been suspended, a McDonald’s spokesman confirmed.

A source who captured the video said: “The fight broke out because the menu was turning to breakfast and they didn’t have any chicken nuggets.

McDonald'sDSBUBBLING OVER: The McDonald’s employee walked around the counter after a row broke out

McDonald'sDSANGRY: The dispute in the Liverpool One branch was over chicken nuggets

Nobody…I repeat NOBODY…wins with a headbutt

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