A Luscious Night Out at “Myth & Moonshine”-Downtown Canton, MD

Fun filled night full of laughs and great eats at a local beam of light bar & restaurant Myth & Moonshine in Canton, MD. I’ve rode past this spot a few times thinking they maybe closed due to the dim appearance outside but boy oh boy upon entering the vibe and energy is alive. Great tunes playing early 90’s classic jams that will make you wiggle in your seat or even sing along while your eyes gravitate to the luxurious choices of moonshine favorites amongst the patrons. Their food choices were excellent bar foods that compliment their lists of drinks. I was blown away at the separate listings for moonshine with the listed proofs; so select your poison is invited.


My party of 6 all choose different delights: appetizer was large crab and crawfish with kettle chips cooked to perfection to dip…. and the dip was so good you could eat that bad boy without the chips. We had crab cakes, nachos with buffalo crab on top, burger, and blackened salmon – all #Yummers!!!


Here’s the summary GO THERE if you’re ever in Baltimore. The food is delicious and flavorful. The atmosphere is awesome. If you don’t have a good time then I’m not sure what else to say.


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