News – “How ‘Microdosing’ Moms Are Using Weed-Infused Edibles To Replace Medication”

foodbeast.comLegalized cannabis has spawned a new market of culinary trends from cannabis-infused toffeecannabis-terpene infused cocktail bars, to multi-course cannabis infused pop-up dinners.

Recently emerging through the haze of California’s freshly legalized cannabis market, a trend called “microdosing,” is helping people substitute prescription anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication with cannabis-infused edibles.


And it’s actually working.


 Yet, the cannabis microdosing trend has captured the attention of an unlikely group, one that could be stereotyped as the antithesis of the habitual cannabis user.


 If you’ve ever smoked pot, eaten cannabis-infused food or at least know someone who has, you can probably guess Mom wasn’t the first person to hear the trip report. Generally, Mom is the last person anyone would want to interact with after ingesting cannabis.

Unless, however, you’re a Mom who eats cannabis.  


Interestingly enough, microdosing moms are becoming the new torch bearers of a pro-cannabis movement — using cannabis as a strategy to combat addiction and abuse of prescription medication like Xanax, Percocet and Prozac. Considering America’s ongoing opioid epidemic, this might be the perfect time for the nation to investigate alternatives for pain management.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…there is no logical reason that liquor should be legal and fucking WEED shouldn’t be. I know we’re starting to see long overdue changes but it’s just stupid that it took this long

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