JG Quickie: Letting it Dew What it Do – Mountain Dew Ice

Whenever a new flavored Mountain Dew comes out, I HAVE to try that flavor. So there I am sitting on the couch, and a commercial come across my tv screen advertising the new “Mountain Dew Ice” so you know it was only right that I went and grabbed one… or two. I must say…I enjoyed it, it has a really good flavor. The Mountain Dew Ice tastes like an upgraded version of Sprite to me, like a level up. In my opinion, sprite can be a tad too sweet, and 7Up can be a little too fresh (like @lbiddle25 used to be in his early 20’s). With Mountain Dew Ice, it’s the right combination of both. So in conclusion, there is no need for me to ever drink sprite or 7Up again…as long as this Mountain Dew Ice stays on the shelf.


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