Monument City Brewing Company -Baltimore, MD

This post is long over due. I have been to Monument Brewery 2-3 times now and have enjoyed their beers at local bars and restaurants around Baltimore way more than I can count. I absolutely love this place. The 2 times I have been there have been for a live music event.

There is nothing more I love than cold beers, and live music, and most weekends at Monument you can find both. The overall atmosphere of the brewery is very homey, there are couches, and nice arm chairs for lounging in, and also big 4-6 people tables throughout the tasting room. It is an ideal date spot, or just a chill out and sip on some good brew work spot (who needs a coffee shop when you can drink a beer).

Enough about the décor, let’s get to the beers. Monument will always have 4 beers that stay on tap year round. They are Perchant Pils; a Traditional German Czech Pilsner at 4.5% ABV Clean, crisp, flavorful, and easy drinking. I would recommend this beer if you’re a traditional light beer drinker. Definitely great for a warm spring or hot summer day. Next up is their American Brown Ale; Traditional American Brown Ale at 6% ABV
Dark in color, light in taste with caramel, chocolate, and roasted coffee. This beer is flavorful and I would consider it a gateway craft beer for non craft beer drinkers. This beer will be light enough, like a lager, but start to give you a little bit more bang for your buck abv% and flavor wise. The 51 Rye; Made with 51% Rye grain at 6.5% ABV
Citrusy and earthy with subtle spice from Rye Malts. This beer is definitely not for the average beer drinker. The rye malts are very aromatic and pack a spicy punch. The final year round brew is the Battle IPA; Traditional American IPA at 7.5% ABV
Hoppy, piney with slight citrus and spicy floral notes. This is my favorite of the year rounds, a great IPA that packs a sweet spicy punch. And 4 of them will get the average person fucked up.

Monument has also rotating beers that are seasonal. Check out their website to learn more about their seasonal and year round brews.

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Just like most local craft breweries, there is no kitchen. But Monument knows that their patrons need good grub to pair with their delicious beers. So they reach out to local restaurants, and food trucks to provide some grub for the customers.  The food trucks vary on flavors, from greek to bbq, to Mexican and Italian.

If you are ever looking for a good brew, a great atmosphere and banging local eats, look no further than Monument City Brewing Company, they got you covered.

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