Baconlicious: Hell Fire Challenge

The Just Grubbin Team took the Baconlicious Hell Fire Challenge.

We know what you’re thinking right about now, just how hot can a bacon flavour possibly be?

Well, it’s probably only fair that we warn you at this point that there is both good and bad news with this friendly little challenge. The good news, well, it is one of our flavours, so that of course means that it has our delicious trademark bacony flavour. The really bad news, that delicious bacony flavour is laced with some of the fieriest chilli evilness on the face of the planet. In fact, up to 1.5 Million Sizzling Scoville units worth of evil fieriness in every mouth full.

That’s right Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Still think you’ve got what it takes?

OK, so here’s the challenge!

Simply purchase any size of our Hell Fire seasoning and sprinkle it all over whatever you choose to coat the fiery deliciousness with. We personally recommend something simple like Hot Fries or even a packet or Salt and Vinegar chips/crisps for example, if you’re more of a snack food kind-a person, but hey, we don’t actually care what you use so feel free to completely ignore our recommendation and go with whatever floats your boat.

There, that’s the easy bit taken care of.

Here’s where it gets a little more difficult ….. now EAT IT!

To complete the initial part of the challenge successfully, the eating part, you must NOT consume or touch any form of liquid for at least one minute after your first bite of the challenge. Note: if more than a single person is involved in taking the challenge together, all must comply with this initial rule.

We could of course just leave it at that and be completely satisfied in the knowledge of simply knowing just how much trauma we’ve caused, but being slightly sadistic, we want you to share your pain with the world, which of course includes us. So, the second and final part of the challenge is to video the entire process of yourself generously coating with Hell Fire and then woofing down your chosen vessel of destruction, upload the video online to YouTube and shoot us a link to, with “Hell Fire” in the subject line so we can enjoy the devastation as much as everyone else and then we’ll post the link on our Twitter and Facebook accounts so that everyone else can also enjoy it with us.

Now, we’re not completely evil and just to prove it, here’s what we will do to ease your pain.

IF, you introduce the challenge in the video as the “Baconlicious Hell Fire Challenge” and also include our web address in the video and include a link to our site in the video description, yes … so we can profit from your pain, we will in-turn reward your suffering by providing you with a coupon to redeem 25% off any of our products on our site, not just Hell Fire, for a period of THREE calendar months(dated from the date the link to the video is received by us)

We’ll return that discount code to you via your email and you’ll have a full 3 months to save 25% off our entire range. Now that friends is surely a deal worth suffering for!


We think since the challenge revolves around our bacon seasonings, it makes sense to throw up a comp prize also involving our bacon seasonings. So you create whatever comp you want to and we’ll put up a 6 pack of our seasonings in our premium brushed stainless shakers, that’s a retail value of $60.00 (without shipping). Winner can select any combination of 6 flavours they want from our range and we’ll deliver that with free shipping, worldwide.

  • Tasty Bacon
  • Maple Glazed Bacon
  • Spicy Bacon
  • Hell Fire Bacon
  • Bacon and Cheese
  • Bacon and Mushroom
  • Bacon and sage
  • Jerk Bacon

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