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News – “Couple holds dream wedding in the flower department at local grocery store” – Whole Foods Market is great for many things — organic produce, essential oils, and healthy lunch breaks. But for one food-loving couple, the sprawling organic grocery store was also the perfect wedding venue.

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Chapel Hill Whole Foods hosts dream wedding.

Ross and Jacqueline Aronson (formerly Troutman) built their relationship walking to and from their Whole Foods store when they lived — and fell in love — in New York City. The couple told TODAY Food that they often sauntered through the market arm-in-arm, perusing ingredients for the gourmet fare Ross enjoys cooking — and they also loved taking in a free sample, or two.

Early in the relationship, Ross told Jacqueline he’d already dreamt up the ideal engagement scenario. But it wasn’t until the couple moved to the college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that Ross actually popped the question.

“It was more charming and heart-meltingly romantic than I ever could have imagined,” Jacqueline posted on Facebook in her wedding announcement.

I’m holding my wedding at a White Castle or the Popeyes buffet so who are me to judge


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