News – “McDonald’s Shows They Don’t Understand Memes, Should Be Banned From Social Media”

foodbeast.comMcDonald’s isn’t exactly great at relating to the youth. That much was clear when they eliminated cheeseburgers from Happy Meals, and now again with their failed attempt at being relevant in meme culture.

Thursday morning, McDonald’s tweeted out a photo of a McDonald’s building with the caption saying:


“Him: Meet me at McDonald’s? Barber: Say no more, fam.”

 A clearly terrible attempt at the “say no more” meme, McDonald’s was apparently trying to reference a haircut ban at a U.K. school where kids are no longer allowed to sport a “Meet me at McDonald’s” style.
 First of all, what in the hell is a “Meet me at McDonald’s” haircut, why was it a thing, and why is it an issue at UK schools. It doesn’t seem to be a gang, or symbolic issue, so this is confusing.

McDonalds is a bunch of clowns (pun intended) with this poor display of hipness. Look we get it, youre a multi billion dollar a year corporation that sells sub par burgers and fries, your social media game doesn’t have to quite up to snub with the rest of them (WENDY’S KILLS THE SOCIAL MEDIA GAME).
Now that I am done bashing Mickey D’s lets get to the real star of this article. THE FUCKING MEET ME AT MCDONALDS HAIR CUT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!??? The picture of this young lad or ladette, I cant quite tell, but its 2018 and you cant assume gender, so yeah, but any way this child has a River Phoenix Hair Cut 002-river-phoenix-theredlist.jpg,
saying meet them at mcdonalds. 1. Bro/Broette, its 2018 you post that shit on twitter saying meet me at mcdonalds, about 20-30 Uncle Jerry’s (sandusky) are gonna be there waiting for you like this.
2. Theres gotta be a better place to hang out than a mcdonalds. Although when I was younger, my buddies and I would ride our bikes to the mcdonalds in Walmart after playing sports in the backyard for 4 hours and grub down about 20 49 cent cheeseburgers. But nothing at mcdonalds is that reasonably priced any more, so do better kid. 
any way theres my rant about mcdonalds and this kids stupid hair cut.
Happy Grubbin’

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