News – “KFC Runs Out of Gravy One Week After Suffering a Chicken Shortage” – So far 2018 has not been all gravy for KFC.

Only one week after the fried chicken chain was forced to temporarily shut down hundreds of their U.K. locations following a chicken shortage, the company is faced with a new problem: they’re running low on gravy.

Just as many spots were able to reopen their doors once poultry shipments came in, they were hit with the gravy draught. BBC reports that distribution problems led to the lack of sauce and it has forced many restaurants to serve limited menus.

Lovers of the chain have taken to Twitter to voice their grievances after learning the chain’s most popular side dish remains left off the menu.

Dude….first the chicken and NOW….A GRAVY SHORTAGE?! Nah man I might have to relocate if I was over in the UK, this isn’t good guys.

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