News – “Movie money used at fast food restaurant”  – Kearney police say they are catching more and more fake bills passing through businesses. These bills are not exactly counterfeit, but prop money that is supposed to be used on movie sets and in motion pictures. Fake money seems to be in circulation no matter how much is confiscated and Captain Mike Kirkwood says the prop bills they are seeing lately were probably ordered off the internet.

“I’m not giving away any state secrets here, everybody knows you can buy money right off the internet legally,” said Kirkwood.

This prop money can be bought for a fraction of what its face value claims. But how can you spot the real from the fake?

“Some might have ‘replica’ on the money written, some might have ‘for motion pictures only’ in a watermark on the money. There’s just several different ways to look at it,” said Kirkwood.

Kirkwood says they have made multiple arrests, from people using it at places like gas stations and stores. This time, they arrested someone for using it at a fast food restaurant.

“It was used at a McDonald’s and then the bank caught it. So, they’ve been used in several different areas around town.”

As more phony bills surface, we wondered what kind of fate these thieves are facing.

“Well it’s theft by deception. As far as the punishment, depending on how much you’re using. If it’s under $1,000 or $500 it can be a misdemeanor. If you use above that it could be a felony,” said Kirkwood.

I feel like the way we keep going with technology that fake money or fake apple pay is going to be something you can simply download to your phone and somehow get away with, it’s only a matter of time.

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