News – “The Fast Food Jennifer Lawrence Craved While Filming Red Sparrow”

cinemablend.comIt’s no secret that filming TV and movies can be a grueling process. For action heavy films, this also includes a ton of physical training, as well as a diet and exercise regimen to ensure they look their best on the silver screen. Unfortunately, the dieting can sometimes get even more extreme, as stars all but starve themselves in preparation for nude scenes. Apparently Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is not one of those people, as she recently revealed that she didn’t care to fast while filming Red Sparrow, despite appearing in nude scenes and physically demanding action sequences. In fact, she constantly craved one specific fast food joint.

I didn’t starve for [Red Sparrow]… I can’t live that kind of life. I just would want Jack in the Box and just [would have] to eat chicken breasts, so that to me is like I’m starving.

While Jennifer Lawrence was sure to nourish her body while filming Red Sparrow, it looks like the upcoming spy thriller wasn’t exactly Jack in the Box friendly. Lawrence was sure to be strict with nutrition while playing the role of Dominika Egorov, which means it was nothing but grilled chicken breasts for the 27-year-old actress.

See that’s what held me back from starring in Bad Boys 2 man…I just couldn’t stop throwing down on Big Bufords and Popeyes 3 pieces, smh ah well.

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