Gunther & Co. – Brewer’s Hill, Baltimore, MD

So, I’m breaking my own rule about writing a review after 1 visit, but holy shit Gunther & Co. blew my mind and taste buds and I have no other choice but to write it about not even 24 hours after eating there. So in my latest blog post, I wrote about a place that was on the Baltimore Magazine Top 50 list, and Gunther also was featured in that piece as well. (SIDE NOTE: I VOW TO HIT ALL 50 PLACES BY THE END OF 2018.) So with that in mind, you know this place was gonna bring the heat!!! And boy did it.

Located a block and a half from my residence, I have walked and rode past this place, 1000 times. and never really paid any attention to it. Tucked away in what used to be a brewery, but now a residential dwelling, strip mall, I don’t know what to call the location, but its pretty sweet. Take a look for yourself. The shorter side of the building is the restaurant and the part of the building to the left, is apartments/condos.


Any who, enough about the infrastructure on to the food! So if you don’t already know, I can put down some food, and on this particular day (my birthday) there was no stopping me from indulging in as many items as I felt like.  And you bet your sweet ass I did just that. 2 appies and an entrée. 3 RAR Brewing Company, Nanticoke Nectar IPA’s and a whiskey cocktail called “the golden gun”, shout out to Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.  (Better than any first person shooter game, don’t @me)

Lets start with the appies. Now, for some reason Brussel sprouts are making a huge emergence in the restaurant game, and for good reason, they’re delicious. I like to say I make a pretty mean roasted Brussel sprout, with just some EVOO, salt and pepper. But Gunther & Co. raised the god damn bar with their fried maple-balsamic pork lardon brussies.

gunther 2
fried maple-balsamic pork lardon brussies

Crispy on the outside, soft and succulent on the inside, the maple-balsamic glaze gave the brussies an amazing burst of flavor, a little sweet, and a little savory. As guy fieri would say, this dish sent me straight to flavor town. But the ride to flavor town didn’t stop just at the Brussel sprouts, no sir, it continued with another appetizer, and for some people the combo would be enough for a meal, but not me, so in comes the charred grilled octopus. Octopus, in my opinion, is a protein everyone needs to try once. When done right, octopus is extremely tender, and juicy, almost as if biting into a perfectly cooked filet mignon. And in the case of Gunther & Co. they did this tentacle RIGHT!!!!

gunther 3
charred grilled octopus

Charred perfectly to give the usually squishy octopus a crisp to it and the tentacle cut like a hot knife through butter. Most times, even though still a great dish, some octopus gets a little tough if it’s over cooked. Not in this case. And this was paired with duck fat fingerling potatoes, and big al’s favorite condiment, lemon garlic aioli!

Finally onto the entrée. The brussies and octopus were a great start to this meal, and no meal is complete with out a little more pork sweat. The entrée list was really impressive but some of the items I feel as if I could have made at home. I don’t own a grill here in the city, so many of my meat dishes are high seared in a pan then finished under the broiler of the oven, so any chance I can get a fire roasted piece of meat, I’m gonna jump on that, and last night was that night.

gunther 1
flame grilled bone in pork chop, paired with sweet potato and bacon hash, glazed in a sour cherry gastriuqe

A flame grilled bone in pork chop, paired with sweet potato and bacon hash, glazed in a sour cherry gastriuqe. This was a complete dish, complete with PORKSWEATS. the juicy tender pork chop, paired so good with the sweet and smoky flavor of the crispy bacon. I can still taste it.

Baltimore Magazine hit another home run by naming Gunther & Co. on the top 50 best restaurants in Baltimore. I’m not even gonna lie when I say this may have been the best the meal I have had since moving to Baltimore (I’m sure I have said this in previous posts, but this one is definitely top of the list right now). Not only was the food amazing, the décor, and set up of the restaurant was beautiful. One of the coolest places I have been in to date. Pictured below is the main dining room which is a cool open concept with all exposed brick and some live vegetation on the wall. The kitchen is open, so you can see the magic in progress, and the upstairs has a few tables as well. If you’re ever in the mood for a really great meal, really great cocktails/beers, great music selection (the soundtrack was absolute fire btw) and a great vibe Gunther & Co. is the spot for you.


Happy Grubbin’

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