JG Original: Travis Scott aka La Flame’s Top 5 Food Lyrics Decoded- Its Lit!!!!

If you listened to the Season 3 premiere of the Just Grubbin podcast you heard me break down this post in full detail, for those of you that missed it I got you. Here’s La Flame’s top 5 food lyrics:

5.) Fish N Grits-Never seen a night like this/Won’t you take a drank another hit/Whippin up the pot fish grits.

This song just makes me hungry in the morning, because that’s one of my favorite breakfast plates ever!!! A plate of hot fish and grits I’ll put over almost anything except chicken and waffles and ham,egg,cheese on a garlic bagel. La Flame is serving up a different pot of fish grits. I think the kids are calling it stir fry now. In the kitchen wrist twistin

4.) A Team-Ahhhh A-team got the A1, A1 steak sauce.

Me personally I hate A1 sauce, but obviously he’s talking about a whole ‘nother sauce. He’s talking about that good sauce that Balenciaga, Balmain hopping in the Wraith sauce. That sauce I have nothing but love for.

3.) Portland-The way she serving that cake I gotta sit back and digest.

This was probably the most straightforward of all the lyrics I decoded. Rhi rhi or Kylie or whoever he was seeing at that time was serving up that cake. I’m sure we all know you have to wait about 45 minutes and let your food digest before you go swimming in that wet wet.

2.)Bacc– Cuzzo back on the block, back serving burgers/Plug hit my switch damn he woke me up early/If that bitch smell like Swiss oh no no don’t serve it.

On this bonus track from his Days Before The Rodeo mixtape Travis paints the picture of serving burgers on the corner. Apparently his plug called him early af in the morning arousing his paranoia hence the “if the bitch smell like Swiss oh no no don’t serve it” line. I’m not familiar with H-town code words so I’m just assuming that Swiss is the same as 12. I don’t know for some reason every time I hear this I think of that crackhead on Menace 2 Society peddling cheeseburgers.

1.) Apple Pie-I don’t want your apple pie no no mama/I don’t want your apple pie noooo/I don’t want your apple pie mama/I don’t want your apple pie no more

Once again I can only assume he is talking about a completely different apple pie, maybe he’s referencing the same apple pie from American pie. In that case he’s really not feeling someone’s apple pie that must’ve been weak af. Vaguely I think he’s talking about finding his own independence metaphorically through apple pie; but honestly this is open for interpretation and I’m open to suggestions, because this one got me stumped.

Honorable Mention: Sky Walker– Got babes lookin at me like it’s dinner time/ I know she vegan but she want the steak tonight..

This is not even Travis but he’s on the song and I thought it was lit so appropriately it made the list. I shouldn’t have to break this down too much. A thotty looking at you like a whole snack than you have to give her that good rib-eye tonight. Yes boo eat all that up.

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