Fiore’s Steaks N’ Shakes – Philly

Found myself in Kensington and tried out Fiore’s Steaks N’ Shakes (@fioresteaknshake). It had that classic Philly cheesesteak feel and I wasn’t disappointed.

Buffalo chicken quesadilla…cat was trying to steal a bite smh

First off, the buffalo chicken quesadilla had the cat thinking about risking his life. He didn’t try me, but as you can see he was definitely thinking about it. They were extra cheesy, the chicken had great flavor and not too spicy. The chicken finger platter pictured below (half eaten) came with what I must say was some damn good macaroni salad. The chicken itself was good as well and it left my child happy…anyone with kids know’s how important this is lol.

Chicken Finger Platter

What I really want to talk about though is the buffalo chicken cheesesteak. Now, I consider myself a developing buffalo chicken cheesesteak connoisseur (let me look up any classes they might have for this) and this thing hit all the right spots. It was so juicy and flavorful! Straight sauced up in the best way and it had the perfect amount of cheese. I can honestly say I haven’t had a B.C.C. that I would consider undoubtedly better, and I’ve tried A LOT of them.

Buffalo chicken cheesesteak

We also couldn’t ignore the second half of the name. We ordered chocolate and vanilla milkshakes and they were both superb, creamy, cold and delicious. Couldn’t have been happier. We’ll definitely be checking this lovely spot out again in the near future.

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